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I have no greater joy than to hear that 

The mission of VCS is to work with the home, church, and community in the rearing of wise young Christians.

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Throughout the school year, VCS offers ways to get involved in your student's life.

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The  faculty and staff of VCS have a combined 150+ years experience in Christian education.

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Principles for raising strong, Christian students learned from 36 years of experience.

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walk in truth.     III John 4 

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Textbook Orders-An order form explaining the textbook ordering procedure for next year will be sent home soon.  (Textbooks are no longer included with tuition.)  If books are ordered in the month of May, parents can take advantage of discounts offered by publishers.  The school is also organizing a day for parents to swap, resell, or exchange  reusable student textbooks with other student's books to help reduce the cost of books.  Please encourage students to take good care of books.

Annual Tent Meeting-Everyone is invited to the outdoor Homecoming Revival Tent Meeting to be held at the Clearwater, SC, campus of Victory Baptist Church.  The meeting is Monday through Friday, May 5-9.  Services begin at 7:00 with great southern gospel music.  Guest preachers include Craig Edwards, Ed McAbee, and Joe Arthur.  Everyone is invited.

Make-up Days-VCS will follow regular school hours and schedule during the week of the Tent Meeting to make up missed classroom teaching  time due to snow and ice this past winter.  Homework will be kept to a minimum.  

FYI-The Viking Weekly is a weekly newsletter published every Wednesday.  It is filled with class announcements as well as information about upcoming events.  They are available to all students and their families.  Extra copies are on the foyer table in front of the office.

Accreditation- VCS officially began the candidacy for accreditation with the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools (SCACS). We have two years to accomplish a "self study" of the school. This summer the teachers and staff are scrutinizing every aspect of the school, from policies and procedures, curriculum, teacher certification, health and safety issues, to building and grounds. Our goal is to have everything finished and ready for an accreditation team to analyze and confirm in 12 months or less. Much of the work began months ago. We hope to be able to be fully accredited by this time next year.

Check It Out-The Principal's Blog lists several ideas and hints for successful parenting that have observed in Dr. Martin's 36 years in the ministry. The blog will be updated over the summer break.

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iPads in Education

VCS is introducing iPads into elementary 

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